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$235-577 Billion

Indigenous trees support pollinator populations, which contribute to the pollination of crops worth an estimated $235-577 billion annually globally.

ClimateSmile Members play a vital role in shaping our important agenda. Upon joining, members gain access to valuable opportunities to provide input and stay informed about our latest projects. They can request feedback on ongoing initiatives, track their impact, and contribute to strategic planning for indigenous tree planting efforts in communities and the environment.

Being part of ClimateSmile opens doors to regular updates and insights into our initiatives. Members can stay connected with the progress of projects, understanding their impact on local communities and the environment. This transparent communication ensures that members are engaged and informed about the collective efforts to promote indigenous tree planting.

At ClimateSmile, we value the input and involvement of our members in driving positive change. Through active participation and collaboration, members can contribute to the strategic direction and execution of our initiatives, fostering a sense of ownership and impact in our shared mission.

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