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$300 Billion

The global timber trade is worth over $300 billion annually, with indigenous tree species often commanding higher prices due to their superior quality and durability.

ClimateSmile Members are equipped with a comprehensive toolkit comprising methodologies, tools, knowledge, and skills to aid in the identification, seedling nurturing, planting, and care of indigenous trees at the local level. This toolkit serves as a valuable resource, empowering members to actively participate in tree planting initiatives within their communities.

Through this toolkit, members gain access to essential resources and expertise necessary for successful tree planting and care. From identifying suitable tree species to nurturing seedlings and ensuring proper planting techniques, members have the necessary support to make meaningful contributions to environmental conservation efforts.

By providing members with the tools and knowledge needed to engage in tree planting activities, ClimateSmile enables them to play an active role in preserving biodiversity and combating climate change. Empowered with these resources, members can make a tangible impact on their local environment while contributing to broader sustainability goals.

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