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Indigenous trees help prevent soil erosion, with estimates suggesting that they can reduce soil loss by up to 90% compared to non-native species.

ClimateSmile members form the core of our network and are instrumental in advancing our mission. We strive to spotlight their crucial contributions to the global community through our various networks and platforms. Utilizing a mix of digital and print media, we actively showcase the impactful work undertaken by our members.

Our communication strategies are designed to amplify the voices and efforts of ClimateSmile members. Through compelling storytelling and engaging content, we bring attention to their initiatives and achievements. By leveraging diverse media channels, we ensure that their work reaches a wide audience and inspires action.

At ClimateSmile, we recognize the importance of recognizing and celebrating the dedication of our members. By shining a spotlight on their endeavors, we aim to inspire others to join us in our collective efforts to address climate change and create a more sustainable future.

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